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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation involves disputes between parties which are determined before a High Court Judge or in certain cases,

Magistrates sitting in the Petty Civil Courts.

The High Courts are located in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago and Petty Civil in the various Magistrates Courts

throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Areas of expertise include real property law and land disputes, debt collection, injunctions, contentious probate, copyright infringement law, company law, employment law, public law including judicial review, the law of negligence and personal injuries and related matters.

We represent employees, companies, small and medium business and professionals.

Commercial Law

Commercial areas of practice include regulatory filings, negotiating contracts, debt collection and Company-specific litigation

such as minority shareholder actions/oppression remedies.

We represent institutional, medium sized and sole trader clients.


We also do wills and probate and general drafting of agreements and contracts.


We handle divorces and applications related to children and property.

Our practice is as diverse as your needs, feel free to contact us to see how we may assist.

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